Thursday, April 3, 2008

the week that was.........

Started the day on Monday with a walk...we try and do this every time of the day....usually we walk at around 5.30am and it is a bit too dark to take photos - because we had the day off we were a bit later.....this church is just down the road from us and I am not sure why, but speakers have been put in the spire..sort of spoils the look overall!

I had to visit the dentist first thing in the morning...(great way to start the day......but it was all pretty painless) - on the way home stopped off at the post office to send my scrap swap parcels to Spain and the US - looking forward to the posty bringing me a couple of parcels instead of bills! Because the prince also had the day off he headed off to run some errands and Chelsea (our Cocker Spaniel - who by the way was already named when I first got her!) was upset he didn't take her with him she waited patiently on top of the lounge chair in the bay window for him to get home..... I was trying to get her to look at me but she chose to ignore!

Later in the morning we drove to Adelaide to attend my daughter's uni graduation.....had a "lazy" hour to spare so it was straight to DJ's for some retail therapy (I deserved it - I had been to the dentist!).....Amazing what "damage" one can do in 45 minutes.......the prince left me waiting for him while he put these in the car (which was on about the last level in one of those revolting high rise carparks)

Well......what is a girl to do while she is waiting.......just happened to be right outside this wonderful store where I found the buy of the day......(I won't call it a bargain because it probably wouldn't be classed as that!) but it is brilliant - a wool blend wrap which is soooooo warm and cosy....I love it.....the prince was a bit shocked to see I had yet another bag by the time he got"so what did you get?" he asked...."oh just this scarf thing"....."oh OK" ....bless him he is a gem!! We waked down to the Festival Theatre for the graduation ceremony and found that our seats were only two rows behind the grads.....had to snap this of my girl:

It was the culmination of four years of uni for her and she has decided to go back to do a teaching degree so will be a student for another 18months........

.....and that was about it for the day........we had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the beach and then drove was an excellent day and I went to bed a tired but happy shopper and a proud mum - giving thanks for all that is good in my life!

'til next time........Lorraine

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Lisa D. said...

Aww - your dog Chelsea reminds me of my English cocker, Lu - they could be twins. She was the sweetest dog.