Monday, April 21, 2008

So what is - "tidy"?

Ok....does being able to see table top equate to "tidy"??? If so I have achieved that - at least for now!

I was standing on the balcony this morning when a fox came dashing down the back drive - Chelsea was out the front barking - probably at her nemesis - a guy riding to work on his bike - so the fox does a lap of the back yard obviously looking for a place to get out and while it is doing that a rabbit hops out from the bushes and sits in the middle of the drive checking things out......where was my camera.....???? Downstairs on "charge"....... Chelsea arrives on the scene but by now the fox had disappeared up the back and the bunny had made its way to its burrow so all she could do was "ask" to come inside so see what she was missing there.....breakfast probably!!

Never mind about Goldilocks - seemed like a scene straight from Peter Rabbit!

And thanks Carey - yes I should have said (in the previous post about finding THE lounge).....ahhhh ....and this one was juuuuuust right! (TaDa isn't very Goldilocks-like is it!)

I was just in my sewing room and the Prince walked past and reminded me it was a work be getting myself organised - for work that is!
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing!

'Til next time......................Lorraine
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Leanne said...

oh I like surfaces it you ever get to see them in this place. Funny story about the fox if only the guy had fallen off his bike but thats a bit wicked. LOL

Cheryl said...

How fun to see a box run by. Now that's something we don't see around here. And a tidy surface, which mine was :-)!

Cheryl said...

I meant see a fox run by! Now seeing a box run by would really be something!!!!!

Kris said...

Yeah, I reckon if you can see the table/floor you're entitled to use the word tidy! My sewing room is definitely NOT tidy at the moment. That's my project for tomorrow. I loved your fox story. My son drives to work at 4am and recently saw a fox on Grand Junction Rd. We used to see them quite regularly when we lived at Wynn Vale, but this was our first sighting further in suburbia!

Anonymous said...

My studio will be lucky to be that tidy again!! What a great snapshot of nature in one morning - t could have been big trouble but the bike man saved the day! HAve a beautiful weekend =)