Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not much going on here..........

Big week at work as I look forward to two weeks leave......trying to tidy up a few arrangements for functions and look ahead to when I get back to make sure everything is covered! To make it a little more "interesting" I have some sort of weird throat/cold ailment which is making everything seem harder to achieve......especially sleeping! Waking up several times a night with a really sore throat is annoying to say the least! But today is Wednesday and the weekend is in sight!! I haven't even felt like stitching at night when I get home which is a true indication of my "under the weatheredness" that a word....I think not.........! So Wendy if you are reading this your birthday cushions are not finished yet! But they will be as soon as I kick this affliction to the kerb! Good news - I had a call from Sharon who is quilting one of my recently finished quilts and it will be back home next week......yay.......I will post some photos when I have it back.......Sharon is delivering it to me as well which will give me the opportunity to send something else back with her. Eeny Meeny Miney many to choose from!!
It's off to work for me.......'til next time......Lorraine


Minou said...

I hope your doctor visit goes well."Under the weatheredness"...I think you invented a new phrase! Feel better!


Jo said...

Two weeks off will be nice,lucky you,hope your feeling better soon.Take care