Sunday, August 10, 2008

Its cold and wet.....can I go out and play?

Yesterday was very cold and very wet..........and given that as a scenario would you let your child go out and play ....wearing shorts and a short sleeved jumper? (I have to stress here that the "child" I speak of is almost 24 so I wouldn't have a say anyway)......but here he is:
It was teeming down for most of the game and you can see that I didn't even brave the elements to get out of the car to take the is the little lake that had formed outside the car door - and I didn't have my princess wellies so stayed in the car!

I guess the fact that his team won would have made the cold and wet a little bit easier to bear but spare a thought for those who wash the footy least our boys were wearing black shorts.....!! (and so were the other team at the end of the day!) ..and Mark does his own washing for all those who may be thinking I have the pleasure of washing his footy gear......Even though it is a winter sport there are really not that many games played on days like yesterday.....and we were pleased to see the rain as we need it.

As promised in my last post I am also including some better pics of the journal cover I received from Linda.....I am currently using it to hold the pattern and threads for Viv's Sampler which I am working on at the Olympic's project!

So thank you Linda! Linda has also received her cupcake goodies from Stina - lucky Linda!! Mine will be in the post to Doris tomorrow all being well!! Then on to the bag swap for..........can't's a secret............and speaking of secrets............I am looking forward to finding out who my swap partner is in Elf Donna's Secret Santa Christmas Swap.......! (128 swappers.......woo hoo.........) Hmmmm....not sure if I can be relied upon to not open my gift until Christmas day though!

Not much happening on the stitching front of late......I was all set for a big night of stitching on Friday night and was so tired I was in bed early!! Hate it when that happens!!

'til next time..............Lorraine


Mar said...

WET? Drenched is more like it, yuck, I would have stayed in the car too. Nice that they won. Love your journal cover, Linda does lovely work. I was too late to get into the Holiday swap, I'm on stand by, but don't see much hope.
Happy stitching.

Stina said... some real nasty weather you got!!! You did a good choice staying in the car!!
The Journal Cover looks even better today...with your wonderful sampler in it...a fantastic olympic project..really love it...
And I´m sooo curious about your cupcakes...and what shouldn´t Doris be then....:0)

Jo Jo said...

I am frozen to the core just looking at that photo Brrr!!! The things we do for our passions! Jo x

Sweetie said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Your cold and wet experience reminded me of my Friday. My two nine year old grandchildren actually played outside in the mud.

Your journal cover is very nice.


Dawn said...

It's nice to have rain - only if you can stay dry. Your 'Sampler' is looking good - I've not even started stitching mine yet, but am 3/4's done on my vines for the quilt. Have a great week,
Dawn x x

Kris said...

I loved the rain on Saturday! I wasn't thinking about wet footballers though!

I think I'm as trustworthy as you. Pretty sure my sscs won't still be wrapped on Dec. 25!

Leanne said...

Love those country grounds where you can park around the oval.

Levin (and Emily) said...

country footy - where men really are men - unlike the afl where they have to have the roof on!!!! lol
love the journal cover - such a lovely idea.
i'm in the secret santa swap - i can't wait.

Karen said...

The rain does not look like fun even though you need it.
The journal cover is very creative. I have a pattern for a wool coverup for a CD holder notebook. I can't find a CD holder that is anything like the one used in the pattern. Maybe I can enlarge the pattern and use it for something else.

Solstitches said...

What men will do in the name of football!
I love the journal cover Linda made for you. Everything she does is so nice.


Doris said...

The journal cover is so adorable!

I'm like you, I would have been watching from the car!

I nominated you for an award today on my blog, go check it out! I've really enjoyed reading your blog since we got paired up and think you are a great talent!