Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Saturday

I always make my hair appointments for early on Saturdays......I always think this is a good thing (at the time of making the appointment!)....I have really short hair and need to get it cut every four weeks or it is totally out of control (well, it is MY hair!)..this morning when I woke it was cold (yay) and threatening to rain (also yay)...could I snuggle down and sleep Jazz and I made the trip to the next town to visit Stacey...

Cut and colour and good chat with Stacey and we were on our way to our favourite place for coffee.....or in my case a "skinny" hot chocolate (now there is a contradiction in terms!!) but hey it makes me feel better!

The prince had joined me by now and he had the same but with this as well - do they make "skinny" brownies? Anyway the prince is skinny so he doesn't have to feel guilty!

Then it was off to Woodside to visit Jane - never need an excuse to do that! Sorry Jane caught you without your lipstick on!! Even tho it isn't long since I was there the shelves were packed with new things....yummy!! I have way too much fabric so bought a couple of patterns and books - to inspire me to use up some of my fabric...oh and signed up for a class while I was there.

Time to come home, but couldn't drive past this place without calling in and stocking up! It isn't far from home but one of the packets was a bit lighter by the time I arrived!! (Can't even blame the prince - he wasn't with me!)

......I see I have been tagged by Gail but will leave that for tomorrow...have to think of a few random/weird things about myself....or should that be how to prune the list to only include 7!!

Enjoy the weekend......until next time...Lorraine


Linda said...

Oh my mouth started to water when I saw those lovely Angus Park apricots, boy do I miss those...yum yum.....

Kris said...

Hi Lorraine!

Thanks for visiting my blog. The Patchwork Apple is my favourite quilt shop and Jane is one of my favourite quilters! I love your blog. It has lots of exciting energy that comes with a new blog. I too spend too much time (define too much) looking a blogs! And I do have a lot of fabric, but I'm in denial about that! Have a great rest of the weekend!