Sunday, March 30, 2008

OK Gail - I'll Play Tag...

Hmmm 7 random/weird/unusual things about moi! Had to think about this but came up with:

1. I don't do hats - unless it is really cold (and dark) when we walk in the mornings

2. I don't like mushrooms - (I think they taste like what they grow out of)

3. I am a very organised person - and sometimes have unrealistic expectations of others in that regard

4. I am scared of free-wheeling down hill on a bike (It's a control thing!) - the prince says it is because I am scared of someone seeing me free-wheeling down a hill on a bike!

5. Did not have a Will until a couple of months ago when Dad died (he did have a will) and I realised what a crap legacy not having one would be for my family

6. I don't like the taste of wine - or having to explain to others why I don't drink it (some say it is like saying you don't like chocolate - which I can't say)

7. I suffer from travel sickness and once got "sea sick" waiting for a water "bus" in Venice...the bus stop was a floating pontoon...eeeuuuuw

Now I am off to pack my scrap swap parcels ready for posting tomorrow........I am taking the day off and have to go to the dentist first thing.......just because I am a "princess" I wouldn't have thought that all my back teeth needed crowns!!! (which my dentist does) A visit to the dentist is painful in so many ways!

Later in the day I will be attending DD2's uni graduation in the city but will have some time to kill beforehand so shopping here is a must - a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...Lorraine


Vincent said...

Where are the photos of your tomato plants?

Jo said...

Hi Lorraine,
Have been visiting your blog but hadn't left a comment yet.Been racking my brains to think of a Lorraine that might live in Loxton.Your pretty close though, lucky thing closer than me now, to visit Trish at AGC.Ive been meaning to call in to The Patchwork Apple since we moved, thinking that might be one of my closer alternatives to Trish but havent got there yet.Have a great week.

Jane said...

I'm not a wine drinker too. I just can't get into it. How were the graduations? (: