Friday, April 11, 2008

Scrap Swap goodies......Thank you Jane!

On Tuesday night I received this in my letter box:
Which meant I had to wait until lunch time on Wednesday to pick up this:

The blue "parcel inside the parcel" revealed this - just a few of the pieces in the parcel (hard to get all the great fabrics in!) ....

Thank you Jane - you have been very generous - I hope you have received my parcel by now......the lace is delightful and I have just the project in mind to use it (if I can bring myself to cut into it!) the other fabrics are all quite different to those I have been using of late (which was the whole point of the swap) and will add a zing to my scrappy log cabins.....the magazines and sweets were also fabulous......thanks again!

I would have posted this yesterday but woke up feeling a bit under the weather.....went for our walk as normal but struggled a bit as I had a dizzy head and couldn't walk in a straight line (and no I don't drink LOL) - it was like that tho when the whole room spins when you close your eyes...icky!.... there was the prince holding the dog with one hand and holding me up with the other....if I hadn't felt so revolting I am sure I would have thought it was funny! spent the day resting on the lounge - what a waste of a day....couldn't even read or sew....but what it did do was make me really appreciate feeling well!

....and as for daytime TV.....we won't even go there!

So up and feeling better this morning and off to work for me.....looking forward to the weekend and hopefully some stitching.
Have a great day - whatever you are doing and if you are feeling under the weather I hope you are feeling better soon

'til next time..............................Lorraine

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Leanne said...

Lovely blogging swaps - I hate being unwell it is such a waste of time. Hope your well recovered.

Kris said...

Hi! That's not fair. Today you went to work and I went to the patchwork apple! Aren't the scrappy swaps exciting! I loved participating!

Dianne said...

Just visiting your blog today for the first time and wanted to say Hi! I enjoyed your post on swaps! Sounds like fun.

Sorry, you have been under the weather and hope you are back to normal now!

Bird Bath said...

Hope your'e well and truly on the mend by now. Looks like you have some lovely gifts to keep you busy:) thanks for stopping in on my 'happy week' Let me know which of the scrumptious afternoon tea treats you make!!

Cheryl said...

Nice to find your blog. Hope that you are back to feeling like yourself. Great parcel you received.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i just love getting pressies in the mail! there's nothing like it to put a smile on your face. i hope you are feeling better by now - there's nothing worse than being so sick that you can't read or watch tv.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have enjoyed your swap!! Or should I say two swaps!! So sorry that I did not realise you had registered twice, but with all those emails to send it completely skipped the filter! It looks like you have recieved a really spoily package and I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it!!! And yes, that was a hedgehog on our blog - isn't it just to die for??