Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend in review...................

Saturday morning I went with the Prince to get a load of has been reasonably cold in these parts lately ........when I phoned from Loxton on Monday morning to check on the home crew they weren't keeping the home fires burning because there was no wood!! I don't know....go away for a few days.......!!!
It was freezing on Monday morning and the front gate was frozen not enough of an excuse to stay to work you all go.............I was still tucked up in bed at the hotel in Loxton with the 'leccy blanket on.....LOL.....didn't surface until the frost was gone from the ground!!
So off we went.......and here I the Prince's Hi-Vis jacket (well it was raining and it was bad enough I was doing manual labour.....but in the rain!!.....) a girl has standards!!!

It wasn't all finger nails were broken in the process of loading of the ute ......and the fire is going again........I must say at this point that I think I was really only there for moral support...the Prince does most of the work!......but you already knew that!!!

I have been in the sewing room for the afternoon after doing a few tasks around the house......there is a cupcake swap to be know when you have something in mind and it just doesn't work out........but I persevered and have all but finished the sneak peeks in case Doris is reading my blog........I am pretty happy with the end result....only hope Doris is!!!!

I had a parcel arrive on Friday - I had sent Pat a pincushion pattern and she sent me this to say thanks......woo hoo - am I spoilt or what! the Hershey's choccy didn't last long.....I brought it home and shared!! Pat sent me a lovely pattern for some wool applique and also put together a little kit with some wool and thread to get me started.....and a cute little journal.....and a few other goodies....thanks Pat.....

When the new Homespun mag came out I offered to send Kim a copy....she sent me some magazines in return the other day along with a really cute notepad with the saying.....Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies....on the top.....cute!! Thanks Kim and I hope your parcel gets there soon!!
Bloggy friends are just the best!! So all set for another week at work - hope you have a great week.....'til next time................Lorraine


Granny Lyn said...

Wow, you acturally lifted wood!! You're such a good girl!

And spoiled! with all those goodies, you will be busy for a while!

I love all your finshes for July! And I wish now that I would have taken up the challenge, I feel like I did nothing!!

Jo Jo said...

I hate the cold and at the moment find it so hard to get up in the morning...maybe because it is just to snuggly in bed! If I was freezing I would have loaded wood as well..wood fires are the best. Jo x

Maree said...

Good on You Lorraine for helping with the Wood...been there done that...I miss my wood fire I just love your goodies lucky Girl

Quirky said...

*grinz* Your post put the frosted windscreen on my car (in Perth) this morning into proportion! I hope you have a lovely week.

Leanne said...

Another reason I don't like winter moving fire wood......nice pressies in the post.

Dawn said...

It is really cold isn't it and a wood fire is the had a leccy blanket up in Loxton...lucky girl...I had my woollen socks, scarf and flannel jammies and 3 quilts....Lol
Dawn x x

Kris said...

It has been cold! I hear tales of ice on cars and crunchy white grass, but am usually tucked up in bed myself.

I love a wood fire. When I grow up I want one of those! I would even perform manual labour to keep it fed. Of course, I'd have to get me one of those high visibility vests. So stylish!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i've finally caught up with most of your entries since i fell off the radar. your loxton trip looked great. i should go to one - david wouldn't mind taking me - apparently there are plenty of golf courses up there to keep him amused!
keep warm

Nic said...

I think you need to buy a lottery ticket, you seem to be the luckiest blogger around. Every time i check a giveaway you seem to be one of the winners. How do you do it ????
It's a real shame about the Spring Camp.