Monday, February 8, 2021

Long time between drinks.....uh...posts!

 They say the best laid plans etc......I had the best intentions of posting more often, but it didn't happen, so now I find myself playing catch up again.

I could say not much has happened since July 2020 but that isn't quite true - our family was blessed in early September with the arrival of little Olive to complete Mark and Terri's family - Olive follows her two brothers and two (male) cousins who were all delighted to meet her!

Olive was born on her great yia-yia's 97th birthday.

September also saw me at another stitching retreat at Sew Delightful Quilting Retreat B&B in Burra.  I managed to finish a quilt started ten years ago in a class at the Patchwork Apple in Lenswood (sadly the shop has since closed) :(  The top was done except for the flying geese border which didn't take all that long to do - but it has waited ten long years!

Barb and I went exploring around the town and ventured out to the old jail and several other spots....I also took along my recently completed scrap quilt for a photo opportunity...or two....

We also visited the old dug-outs which housed some of the early settlers to the town.....Burra is a very interesting old town - one of my favourite places in SA.

A group of us ventured further up the road to Jamestown where we spent some time (and a little cash) in Charlene's Quilting and Patchwork shop - no pics from the shop - too busy selecting fabrics.....

A trip to the hairdresser is always an opportunity for some hand stitching and I started my version of the June Dyson coverlet from Emma at Treehouse Textiles in Victoria.  The top has now been finished and loaded on to the hoop for some hand quilting. 

Fast forward to December and another family milestone with Rhiannon and Wade's wedding. They have been together just over 15 years, but you can't hurry these things!  It was a perfect day - the weather really played its part with a beautiful sunny day - and after quite a bit of windy weather in the lead up to the day the wind took a break! The ceremony took place on a property overlooking Willunga and the reception was at the Star of Greece restaurant overlooking the beach. Just perfect!

Christmas was just a few days after the wedding and we had a great time here - the boys were excited for Santa's visit (Olive didn't seem to care) - getting a photo of everyone is always a challenge but I think we managed a couple.

A couple of days after Christmas I packed up the tree and most of the decorations and Rose and I drove to Tumby Bay for a visit with Mum and my sister and BIL.  Rhi and Wade and the boys joined me a couple of days later and we saw in the new year together.  Among the walks and playground visits were a couple of fishing expeditions to the local jetty where Ezra caught his first fish!  Great excitement!

The only stitching I did while I was away was the binding on the quilt finished at Burra! 

the holidays over the big kids have gone back to school (they are all teachers) and this year Lenny joined Mark at his school.  Not sure where the years have gone! 

Rose is now almost 11 (but she acts like a puppy most of the time!) She had to have surgery a couple of months ago to remove some teeth but has bounced back from that - I was certain she would be on soft food forever, but after the initial couple of weeks she is back to eating normally.   She always enjoys visits from the grandies and waits (sometimes not that patiently) for any spills from the high chair. Here she is enjoying her favourite pastime!

That's about it for now I think.  

Now entering my second year of retirement and I don't think I have really made a dent in the projects stashed in the sewing room, but will keep at it! :)

Until next time......Lorraine

Monday, July 13, 2020

Stitchy weekend....

Just back from three days away at a stitching retreat in Burra.  Great time as always and I even got a little stitching done!  The days always fly by! Feeling very fortunate that in the current climate we were still able to get away while so many others are unable to do so. Things can change so rapidly one cannot take anything for granted. 

Burra is a very old town and it's always interesting to visit. A few pics from the weekend....
I made these Flowering Snowball blocks to add to the 40 or so already done over a couple of previous retreats....might even get around to putting them together one day...
and for a change up I put this table runner together....
As always the Featherweight didn't miss a beat ...
And after the stitching is done for the day a chocolate mint liqueur is the perfect nightcap....
must remember the liqueur glasses next time!  
Keep safe out there!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

2020 far...

So almost half the year gone and 5 months into retirement 2020 has been an "interesting" year so far!  The declaration of the Covid 19 pandemic pretty much put paid to any travel plans ..actually any plans at all! An outbreak of the virus among a group of tourists to the Barossa saw travel in or out of the area discouraged so thank goodness for technology which meant I could at least catch up with the kids and grandies  - not the same as IRL but better than not seeing them at all! A bit of online shopping kept Australia Post busy and time in the sewing room kept me busy!  To be honest I quite like the implementation of "social distancing" especially when  grocery shopping!  

A routine visit to the optician in February turned out to be not so routine when I found I had to have cataract surgery - the first one was in early March - the surgery went well, but my eyes didn't work together very well and my distance vision wasn't great so I couldn't drive which meant I had to rely on friends for my sporadic trips to the supermarket and I suffered bouts of vertigo - the second surgery was scheduled for later in March but was cancelled the day before due to the cancellation of elective surgeries - my wonderful optician agreed to open his business to see me and organised glasses so at least I could drive again (not that i could go very far) forward to late May and the second surgery has  left me with perfect vision!  One happy Granny!!  
Some of the restrictions put in place to keep everyone safer are gradually being lifted so we can travel intrastate and restaurants and pubs are open for small groups. I was able to see the family on Mother's Day and a couple of times since then  which has been brilliant. 

Had  to share  this - my fridge stopped wanting to freeze things so even with the fridge part working fine it was time to upgrade (it has given me 10+ years so it doesn't owe me anything) so ordered a fridge and arranged for it to be delivered 
...they explained that the delivery driver wouldn't be able to bring it into the house because of the virus, yep got all this was fridge delivery Covid style...
as I was asking the delivery driver if he could just push it in a little further I heard the truck start and drive away! 😳 made a quick call to a friend who arrived and (after he finished laughing) pushed it into the house for me and helped me set it up.

A few finishes from the sewing room...
 My  favourite recent online purchase from @redraspberrycrochet arrived just in time for the first day of winter - 
just perfect for cold morning walks with this one....
I will try to post here more often - let's see how that works out 😬